Myths About Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is an insurance program designed to protect employees who’ve been injured on the job. Employees who are on the payroll are covered under the workers comp program, which covers the costs of lost wages, medical bills, and rehab costs. There are many myths surrounding workers compensation and the laws surrounding it. If you’ve been injured on the job and seek workers comp benefits, it is important that you understand the truth about the program. Read below to learn some of the more common myths out there and the truth behind the matter.

You Don’t Need an Attorney

You will not need a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon in every case, but there are many instances in which a denied claim or other problem causes the need for an attorney. If you’ve been denied benefits, it is ideal to speak to an attorney. There is no upfront money needed to speak to an attorney.

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Lawyers Work on Contingency Basis

When you need help with a workers comp claim, money is usually a concern. As such, workers comp attorneys work on what is known as contingency basis so you are only spending the money that you are awarded in the case, after the attorney wins the matter for you.

You Must Prove Fault

Workers comp programs work on a no-fault basis, meaning that you will not need to prove that your employer was at-fault for the accident in order to be compensated for the injuries and/or damages that you’ve received.

It is More Than Just Money

When you file a workers comp claim, you get help paying for the medical bills you’ve sustained. But, the payments do not stop there and you can get money to provide rehabilitative services once treatment is over, if it is determined such services are needed.